Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is the time of year Miami slows to a crawl. The tourists have long since left, choosing to enjoy the warm weather in their own hometowns. At this point, we're creeping into the 90's with the only relief being the near daily afternoon rains. Oh yeah, and the real jump off - hurricane season.

But it ain't all bad. Nuff parking on Lincoln road on a Saturday, no waiting to be seated for Sunday breakfast, and the absence of the overall madness that the winter season can bring. That being said, this one goes out to all my Miami heads who call this city home through the thick ass humidity and the damn near constant hurricane updates that will inevitably plague us. So, throw something fresh caught on the BBQ, and stay close to a cold import (We nah deal wit domestics). Be easy MIA.

photo: Stevie Ites

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