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Stronghold Film HD Online Kijken

Stronghold Film Online Kijken

Stronghold hd films downloaden, Crime

Stronghold Verhaallijn

An isolated farmhouse is chosen as a hide-out by Jim and Charlie after an armed robbery. The Deleye family are forced to accept the situation under Jim's brutal domination. Badly wounded Charlie, a gentle character, takes Lisa's room but keeps her baby as hostage. As the local Police close in the family's unhappiness is uncovered and the tension in the house grows as the surrounding forest becomes a battleground for army exercises. Lisa and Charlie are soon making love, Hugo is killed by Jim and the stage is set for a final and bloody shootout.
The brutal ordeal of a family held in the grip of blood crazed killers.

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Stronghold informatie :

  • Rating : 4

  • Genre : Crime

  • Vrijgeven : 1985-03-14

  • Runtime : 93

  • Company : Kunst en Kino

  • Stemmen : 2

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