donderdag 21 mei 2015

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The gripping story of the Dutch Bettien Martens, based on true facts. After making an incredible career in the international narcotics world during 1984-1992, Bettien was arrested at Piazza Navona in Rome as one of the targets of the International Police Operation "Green Ice". Bettien decided to cooperate with the police and because of her testimonies, many precious arrests were made. As of then, Bettien became a "Pentita" and now is a guest of the "Witness Protection Program".
There's no such thing as coincidence. Everything is meant to be. One thing leads to another. Always...

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Bella Bettien informatie :

  • Rating : 6.4

  • Genre : Crime, Drama

  • Vrijgeven : 2002-04-17

  • Runtime : 102

  • Company : Shooting Star Filmcompany BV

  • Stemmen : 1

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