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Released in English-speaking countries as The Rose King, the German Der Rosenkonig is another of director Wern Schroeter's self-indulgent studies of intense, artistically expressed human passion. The scene is a large Portuguese estate. Still-beauteous widow Magdalene Montezuma lives in empty luxury on the estate with her son. This close familial relationship is shaken up, but ultimately strengthened, by the arrival of a low-born laborer. Director Schroeter unfolds his tale with the slightly surreal logic of a midsummer daydream.

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The Rose King informatie :

  • Rating : 0

  • Genre : Drama, Music

  • Vrijgeven : 1986-03-03

  • Runtime : 106

  • Company : Futra Film, Werner Schroeter Filmproduktion, Juliane Lorenz Filmproduktion

  • Stemmen : 0

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